In the modern era, multiple shipping companies have formed making import and export of vehicles and household goods easier. Newer and advanced facilities make it easier to ship our belongings without any hassle. Our company provides you with the best services along with secure shipment.

It is the customer’s choice on how he wants to ship his car. The cost is mainly dependent on what kind of vehicle or good is being transported and how far the location is. Our shipping service provides you cargo shipping from or to every city, including International shipping from Africa, Europe, Asia, USA, and Australia. All the billing and customs documentation are handled by our staff. The grand total along with details about every payment is given to the client. The date and timing are subject to the location and method of transportation. Car shipping in countries such as UAE and Dubai is becoming a common trend nowadays. As a result, the transport and shipping companies in Dubai and UAE are competing with each other for business. What makes us unique from many other transport companies is that we believe in a long-term relationship with our clients. We are proud to say that our shipping company is one of the best car shipping companies in the world. We have achieved this leading status by providing our clients with easy to go methods, valuing their possessions and their cars as well as providing them with an excellent and secure service. Our car shipping prices are very reasonable and vary according to the demands of the customers.


Land freight is a form of land transport in which there is tracking of the customer’s cars and goods to the designated location. Car shipping by land is becoming fairly common nowadays. We have an extensive network of trucks for this purpose equipped with latest suspensions for a smooth transition of your goods and we have a team of highly skilled professional drivers making sure that your belongings reach the desired location safely on time. Our trucking network includes single carrier trucks as well as line haulers. Single carrier trucks carry a single car or group of goods. This is a rather expensive but secure method making sure that your belongings encounter minimum damage. Line haulers are long trucks with multiple containers. Line haulers provide a much more cost effective way of transporting multiple cars and goods and saving time. These vehicles are maintained and checked on a daily basis for providing optimum services without any delay. The trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS and trackers so that clients can track their shipment at any time. In addition, we have backup trucks so that if something goes wrong, the shipment is not delayed. We have huge warehouses for the storage and safety of a customer’s belongings for the designated time. We also have a door to door service.

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Air freight is the transport of goods by air. It includes huge airplanes and carriers as well as the equipment involved in mounting the goods on these airplanes. International car shipping is a big part of air freight. We have contracts with the best airlines in the world to provide our customers with suitable and quickest routes for their shipment. We also provide multiple shipment plans which are cost effective for the needs of our customers. The goods and cars are loaded on specially designed air carriers and strapped with the help of chains or ropes to avoid damage. The client is made aware of the charges and taxes beforehand. This is the best method of car shipping for those people who are looking to save time. It is also the safest means of transport as there is less risk of disaster or piracy. Although this can prove to be quite expensive compared to other shipment methods. Car shipment is a major part of our air freight services. Our network extends from East to West including shipments to UAE, Dubai, China, United States of America, Japan and many more. Our staff members and professional cargo handlers accompany your shipment. This ensures the safety of the client’s goods. Like our land freight services network, our air freight network also includes the GPS tracking of your goods. A constant contact is established so that the customer can check on his/her shipment at any time. We provide a 24/7 service and no area is off limits. If an area is not accessible by air, our airport to door service makes sure that you get your shipment undamaged and on time.

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Overseas car shipping is the most favored way of shipping goods particularly vehicles. This method, also known as the port to port shipping method, is very economical. Even though the vehicle is delivered at the port, like air and land freight, our firm offers you with door to door shipping service. We can have your belongings delivered to your desired port, Port Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah or any other port which is nearby to your home.

Sea freight has a number of choices on how to ship items for example cars. You can get your vehicle shipped in an independent container which gives the entire container space to your mobile and there is less risk or danger. However, this might be slightly more expensive than other means. You can also opt to move in a consolidation container. This is cheaper than the dedicated container however your car has to be fit in with other automobiles, thus there might be a safety risk. The most commonly used method for shipping is the RORO method. The roll on/roll off ship carries cargo in bulk, this is not completely safe. It also takes ample time, however, is very cost efficient. The vehicles are loaded and unloaded onto the ship on their own wheels which is why it called the roll-on roll-off ship.

By providing customers with numerous facilities and ease of transport, we have made sure that we are one of the leading transport companies in the world and the best car shipping company. Our company provides you with accurate and instant car shipping quotes to give you the idea of the cost.

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