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The Advantages of Car Shipping from Dubai during Christmas Vacations

It’s vacation time!
Christmas is just around the corner, and you are probably already planned for the Christmas vacation of your dreams. The spirit of Christmas is about showing and sharing love for those dear to one’s. To celebrate this spirit of Christmas with full zeal and enthusiasm Aeon Shipping LLC exclusive surprising rates on your shipping service.

Car shipping via a container from Dubai to Internationally

Finding the real joy of Christmas comes not in worrying about how to ship your vehicle after Christmas, it comes with spending quality time with family and friends. This Christmas, transport your vehicle with Aeon Shipping LLC internationally from Dubai and avail special rates.

How To Ship A Car Across The Country

Moving long distance is already complicated enough without worrying about how to drive your car state-to-state. This is why most people moving across the country choose to ship their car using an auto transport service. While shipping a car might appear like a daunting task, the process can be simplified down to easy steps. Our experienced staff will help you with all the paperwork and procedure.

Service types Aeon Shipping provides:-

Attractive Rates and Discounts are available in this holiday season for car shipping

How Long it will Take to Ship your Car During Christmas


Everybody is anxious to find out how long the auto transport company is going to take to deliver their trusty car after booking their car for delivery. Typically, during Christmas shipping, the vehicle is high due to traffic and road blockage. However, vehicle transport companies always give you a range of possible delivery dates. Nevertheless, with research and planning, you can speed up the delivery when shipping to the final destination. Down below are the factors that affect could delay the car transport duration.

Delivery Locations

The type of location where the vehicle is being delivered is an important factor as compared to distance. Transporting your car from Dubai to a major city is going to cost less. Understanding the shipping process gives an idea of what to expect as well as helps you plan your car transport to match with the arrival time of your automobile.


Season plays a major role in deciding how fast your car is transported. Researching the weather can help you arrive at a date that is preferable to have your car moved. Summer seasons are more important for the car shipping industry as it brings more demands for shipping. The winter season, on the other hand, can affect your delivery time due to less consumer demand. Due to lack of demand during the winter season, car transport companies provide seasonal discounts.

Other Factors to consider

Even after a timely pick up of your vehicle, the auto transport company may encounter many obstacles along the roads. These roadblocks may cause officials to close some of the roads during winter and create detours. These situations could end up creating hurdles that keep truck drivers on the road for a long time, hence, affecting your shipping time.
Consolidation shipment also can delay the shipping process since you will be sharing a container with other customers.

Fuel in the tank

You don’t need to fill your tank or empty your gas tank. Your car does need a gas (a quarter tank would be fine), as it will be driven on and off the carrier. However, if you have more than a quarter of a tank, don’t worry about emptying it before the carrier arrives. Some of the extra gas may evaporate over the transport.

Saves Money

You may think that it will cost a great deal of money to transport your vehicle during the Christmas season because it’s a busy season however Aeon Shipping LLC offers a competitive rate during this Christmas Holiday Season.

If you have any questions about preparing your vehicle or need more information about car shipping rates, contact Aeon Shippling LLC on (971) 4-297-3941


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Household Shipping From Dubai No ratings yet.

Household Shipping From Dubai  to Internationally 


house moving from Dubai to Internationally

How to Ship Household Goods Overseas from Dubai

Air and Overseas Cargo Transport, Moving Overseas

If you’re moving to another country  #travel and wondering how to ship household goods overseas from #Dubai, one of the biggest hurdles you are likely to face is how exactly to get all of your stuff over there at once. #containershipment

The international household effects shipping process 


Only a few international freight forwarders will provide you with full service from packaging to delivery. We work directly with the shippers to establish the best mode of transport and proper packing to keep your belongings safe.

Packing and loading process for household moving 

Their house moving team in UAE are well-experienced staff. We can package your goods securely enough to avoid damage. Protecting your valuable assets is what we do and we have access to a number of excellent packing resources and transportation tools to make sure that your items arrive safely. For our packing and loading services can help you to protect even the most valuable items in your home/office.

The services we offer to export personal effects from Dubai 


Sea freight services for private relocations


Dedicated container shipping 

The goods are packed and shipped in one steel container. Only your personal goods are shipped in this particular container.If you’d like you can also include your car aswell.


Consolidated containers shipping 

Goods belonging to different persons are shipped in the same container. This is options are less expensive but it can take a while before the goods ship during the consolidation process.


Airfreight services

Ideal service if you are hoping to ship a few items in an urgency. However, air Freight is relatively expensive compared to the other services.

Land freight services within GCC

Our land freight services take advantage of our large-scale transport truck network, internationally. You can combine these services with sea freight or land freight or simply take advantage of our land freight services for moving within the UAE. Land freight services contain three modes of delivery including door to border, door-to-door and door to port. 

Few Main cities in UAE land freight are handled 

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Al Ain
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Sharjah

Additional Services Aeon Shipping offers :-

Packing services

They use high-quality materials to wrap and organize the items. They also bar code each box to keep a record of the stock. You can check the video below for the detailed procedure.

Warehouse facilities for storage

Aeon Shipping maintains a number of warehouse facilities worldwide to safeguard your belongings. There is storage in Dubai to keep your household effects until the relocation is completed. Our warehouse facilities come guaranteed for any international move or shipping in Dubai. We guarantee seven to 30 day free storage on international export shipments, 20 4/7 CCTV monitoring and security alarms ,up to 4000 ft.² space available to suit small /large storage requirements, a fully insured and ventilated area, container grounding facilities, pallet making/ grounding space, in-house custom inspection, cargo loading/staffing professionals, full forklift equipment availability and a highly trained workforce.

Make sure to get everything in writing

Do not keep things verbal when your precious materials, furniture, memories are concerned. Moving the home is a serious business and any loss of important documents or precious items can haunt you later. Make a note before moving from the company regarding their commitment, compensation, and estimate.

Insurance for household goods

Aeon Shipping LLC  provides a comprehensive transit insurance coverage available in the moving industry today through a third-party agent while giving outstanding service to each of Aeon Shipping customers. Claims are settled professionally and quickly to the satisfaction of all parties involved

Their team will help you out with all the paperwork. We have a simple suggestion for you. Select Aeon Shipping LLC and forget your moving worries. It is one of the best movers in Dubai, and you just relax and watch your move getting completed seamlessly.

Get a Free Quote 

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Car Shipping From Dubai to Internationally No ratings yet.

Motor Bike Shipping from Dubai to Internationally


For each shipment, the details include Shipping Date, Cost, Shipper Contact details and a Description of the experience, in many cases very detailed and extremely useful information about the requirements for crating or the paperwork involved at the destination location.

Before your motorcycle movers arrive for pick up, you should prepare your motorcycle for transport. First, check your motorcycle for pre-existing damage. Remember to take close up photos of both sides of your motorbike. By documenting the condition of your bike, you can avoid problems in case of an insurance claim. To check for and record damage:

Thoroughly clean your motorcycle
Note chips, dings, scratches or other cosmetic damages
Write down any mechanical issues or problems
Take pictures of your bike from several angles, along with detail shots of existing damage

Date all records, and show them to your bike shipping company when they arrive
Unless you are moving your motorcycle as freight through a carrier, you will not need to drain your gas tank or remove the battery. However, your motorcycle does not need to be crated or packaged during the motorcycle transport service. Additionally, remove all loose items from your motorcycle. They are not responsible for these items, and if accessories are lost or damaged, they will not be covered by insurance.

Inflate tires
Charge the battery
Fill gas tank to 1/4
Check and fix all fluid leaks

bike shipping from Dubai to Internationally

Your motorcycle can be shipped using one of three shipping methods:

RoRo Shipping (Roll on Roll off)
Containerized  Shipping
Air Freight Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping Key Tips:

Ensure your motorbike has less than a quarter of fuel in the tank (it won’t be shipped with more).

Ensure that you thoroughly clean your motorbike, paying particular attention to the wheels and guards. (Biosecurity services will be looking for mud, plant material, and insects).

Ensure you consider insurance


The average motorcycle shipping costs between $300 to $800. Additionally, the cost to ship a motorcycle will vary based on the service type and these various factors:

Distance of travel
Make and model of the motorcycle
Expediting the shipment
Extra coverage
For more shipment details,


Harley Davidson

Do contact us for further details on (971) 4-297-3941 or email us

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Car Shipping From Dubai to Internationally No ratings yet.

Car Transport Information to Ship overseas

car shipping • car shipping information • car shipping quotes • car transport • car transport express • car transport quotes

Get Your Free Car Shipping Quote Today!
Are you looking for a quote to ship your car, but don’t know where to start?

At AEON SHIPPING LLC they will help you every step of the way from car pick to drop off and also on the paperwork.
They dedicated to giving you the best car shipping service they can possibly give you for your time and money. Their experienced staff members are highly trained in all things like auto transport and they know what it takes to move your vehicle in a safe and timely manner.
You can call them up and ask any questions that you need to clarify, and you can get a quote right over the phone as well.

You’ll need to give us some information first, such as where you’re shipping destinations from and to and what you’re shipping your car, but that’s pretty basic stuff that anyone will ask for if they’re trying to calculate a quote for you to ship your car.
You can read more about how to get a hold of us on our Contact US page or also on the live chat option, and you can get a Free Quote 

Car shipping


Car Transport services Aeon Shipping Offers:-





Car Shipping from Dubai

When it comes to overseas car transport services, you could end up paying a lot more than you bargained for if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

Aeon Car shipping overseas relatively expensive and can take upwards of a month, but it’s definitely worth the price.

Aeon Shipping LLC can ship your vehicle overseas to International countries and provide excellent overseas auto shipping rates for your specific needs.

There is a wide variety of vehicles that we ship:-Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, Aston Martin, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks etc.

Car Transport Tips: Overseas Auto Shipping

Relatedly, we recommend you remove items of value from your vehicle. Your car transport quote is priced for the shipment of the vehicle only.  If there are any additional belongings if they can be accepted at all, there will be an accrue additional fees. It’s best to assume the transport is for your empty vehicle only.

You don’t need to fill your gas tank or empty your gas tank. Your car does need a quarter tank and that will be enough, as it will be driven on and off the carrier. But if you have more than a quarter of a tank, don’t worry about emptying it before the carrier arrives. Some of the extra gas may evaporate over the transport, but it won’t cause any damage.
Certain Documents Required to ship your car overseas:-

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residence visa on passport
  • Copy of diplomatic card (diplomats)
  • Residence permit
  • Original/express bill of lading
  • Authorization letter
  • Title / Copy of certificate of origin/registration card from the origin
  • country vehicle certificate must include a detailed description, including engine number, year of production, colour, etc.
  • Copy of commercial invoice / copy of purchase invoice
  • Proof of ownership

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Transporting your boat from Dubai 5/5 (3)

Transporting your boat or yacht to destinations worldwide from  Dubai

With over 10 years of industrial experience global yacht /boat shipping and in-depth research, we have the logistics solution to ensure that your boat reaches its final destination from Dubai. The customer service agents are very helpful and are available to respond to tracking and reporting on your boat status.

Through this extensive experience from Aeon Shipping LLC, we are trusted by numerous premium manufacturers and are able to offer the most diverse logistics solutions to tailor your requirements, ensuring your time and budget expectations are fulfilled accordingly from Dubai and to your final location.


The team is well focused and alway provide the optimum logistics solution to ship the yacht/boat or vessel from Dubai. We could pick the yacht/boat from our location or can also drop off to be shipped directly from Dubai.

Our port to port yacht/boat shipping services from Dubai include:

  • Boat/Yacht Shipping options
  • RORO (roll-on, roll-off)
  • Lift-on Lift-off
  • Flat Rack/Low bed/Trailer Loading

Global yacht/boat shipping solutions tailored to our destination and budget from Dubai 

We specialize in shipping your boat from Dubai to Internationally. Whether you are looking to ship your yacht from Dubai to Germany etc They have the extensive knowledge to provide a yacht/boat shipping solution anywhere in the world, suit your budget, location or time constraints.

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How to export car from Dubai, UAE? 5/5 (4)


If you’re planning an international vacation or business trip and would like to ship your favorite exotic luxury sports car, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. This definitive guide aims to give you a clear understanding and actionable insight on the seemingly perplexing procedures and documentation involved in the car shipping process.

This article is being published by a professional shipping company with over 10 years of experience and is one of the largest companies in the UAE dedicated to the shipping of privately owned cars and the temporary exportation of commercial vehicles. You’re getting expert advice from shipping consultants, in other words, “straight from the horse’s mouth”.  We have detailed every step of the process and highlighted how and where we can help with a hassle free shipment.

The Car Export Procedure

Before you begin

Make sure you have multiple copies of your Emirates ID, Vehicle Insurance Card, Vehicle Registration, Driving License (local and or international), UAE Residence Visa and Passport.

Shipping duration and pricing vary by destination, please feel free to get in touch with us or explore our website for more information. Our live support is always happy to help.

  • RTA Dubai/UAE Car Exports
    Once you are aware of the duration required to ship to your intended destination and have the documents mentioned above ready, you can commence the shipping process.
    Drive to your nearest Automobile and Touring Club at least two weeks prior to your shipping date. You’d need insurance coverage from a company located at your destination, or you could talk to your current insurance provider to make arrangements for international coverage.  Additionally, a marine insurance cover is required to protect your car at sea, we can help arrange your marine insurance.
  • The Car Export Certificate in Dubai/UAE
    Next, the temporary export certificate must be obtained. You will have to pay a deposit plus a fee for the temporary export certificate. Your car’s make, model, year of manufacture, destination, and your nationality will be factored into the deposit calculation.
  • Carnet Documents
    It is mandatory that either a Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD) or an ATA Carnet (if your destination is not a member state that accepts CPDs) is obtained for a temporary vehicle export. Countries around the world accept either CPDs or ATA carnets. Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD) also known as the “trip ticket” is a customs document that certifies duty or tax exemptions for temporary vehicle exports. In simpler terms, a CPD ensures that you don’t have to pay customs duties or any other levies when you temporarily export a car from Dubai/UAE to any member nation that accepts CPDs.
    The CPD is accepted by 65 countries around the world.  Drive to your nearest Automobile and Touring club to get your CPD. You’ll be charged a refundable deposit depending on your destination, car make, model, year of manufacture and destination. A separate fee ranging between 300 and 550 AED is charged for the CPD.
  • Shipping your car with Dubai/UAE number plates
    A question our clients ask us frequently is “how do I ship a car with Dubai/UAE number plates?” There’s a simple answer to this, for temporary exports you don’t have to replace your number plates. You can drive your vehicle at the destination with your Dubai number plates for a maximum period of six months.

With regard to the clearance of your shipment at the destination, we could arrange one of our global partners to take care of all aspects of the process including customs duties, car export documentation, and unloading. We can arrange delivery to port or to your doorstep. You can choose from a variety of shipping options including, Roll-on Roll-off (RORO), consolidated containers, dedicated containers or air freight for a quick shipment (takes 1-3 days).  You have the freedom to choose a clearing agent of your choice at the destination as well.  We guarantee unbeatable rates while maintaining the highest standards of safety and security.
Click the button below for a FREE QUOTE!


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Lamborghini Countach 1980 Export Sports Luxury Exotic car shipping from Dubai UAE No ratings yet.

Lamborghini Countach shipping / export from Dubai UAE

Lamborghini Countach 1980 Export  Sports Luxury Exotic car shipping from Dubai UAE 

Dedicated Container / RORO shipping / LCL / FCL / HOUSEHOLD GOODS / personal effects

From Dubai UAE  to All major destinations of the World.


For more call us on 04-3124854 /050-2647261 / 056-1284965 . Email :-

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aeon shipping contact usGet A Free Quote

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Classic Car Shipping / Export from Dubai UAE No ratings yet.

Classic Car Shipping from Dubai

Classic / Vintage cars shipping from Dubai UAE 

Dedicated Container / RORO shipping / LCL / FCL / Household Goods Shipping / personal effects

From Dubai UAE  to All major destinations of the World.


For more call us on 04-3124854 /050-2647261 / 056-1284965 . Email :-

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Car shipping by Air freight from Dubai No ratings yet.

Car shipping by Air freight from Dubai

Car shipping by Air freight from Dubai UAE

Exotic Luxury car shipping / export from Dubai UAE 

Dedicated Container / RORO shipping / LCL / FCL /Household Goods Shipping

From Dubai UAE  to All major destinations of the World.


For more call us on 04-3124854 /050-2647261 / 056-1284965 . Email :-

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Rolls Royce Exotic Luxury car shipping / export form Dubai UAE No ratings yet.

Rolls Royce export form Dubai UAE

Rolls Royce  Exotic Luxury car shipping / export form Dubai UAE 

Dedicated Container / RORO shipping / LCL / FCL / HOUSEHOLD GOODS / personal effects

From Dubai UAE  to All major destinations of the World.


For more call us on 04-3124854 /050-2647261 / 056-1284965 . Email :-

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