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Shipping Cost for Car/vehicles from Dubai/UAE. No ratings yet.

Shipping Cost for Car/vehicles from Dubai/UAE.

Cost of shipping a car from Dubai

Price List for most common destination. Shipping mode will be RORO / CONTAINER or Land Freight we have included the most Economical mode only. Other than Land and Container mode exports, Especially for RORO Local charges may vary. Below mentioned prices are just to calculate/Plan your budget.

If your country or port is not listed or if you have dedicated request, please contact us by e-mail at info@aeon-shipping.com or send us an enquiry from http://www.aeon-shipping.com/request-a-free-shipping-quotation.php
or call +9713124854 or +971502647261



Destination   Port, Country

Transit  Time (In days)
Max 9 -13m3
1.65m Height
Standard Cars

Transit  Time (In days) 
Max 14-18m3
Max 2.10m Height
Vans & Off Road vehicles

Transit  Time (In days)
Min 25 m3
Max 4.8m Height

Vehicle Type

      -1        -2
Doha – Qatar  7-10( Land   Freight )  7-10( Land   Freight )  15-20
Jeddah – KSA 7-10 ( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Riyadh – KSA  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Dammam – KSA 7-10 ( Land   Freight ) 7-10( Land   Freight )
Bahrain  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Kuwait  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Aqaba, Jordan 7-10  ( Land   Freight )  7-10( Land   Freight )
Port Sudan –   Sudan  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )  ( RORO )
Beirut,   Lebanon 18- 40 (   Consolidated ) 18-40 ( Consolidated   )  30 (DEDICATED)
Muscat – Oman  5-7( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )  ( Land   Freight )
Boma, Congo   Dem. Republic 40 (RORO)  40  (RORO) 40 (RORO)
Casablanca   /Tangier, Morocco 30 (20ft FCL) 30 (20ft FCL)
Conakry,   Guinee 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Cotonou,   Benin 30 (RORO) 30(RORO)  (RORO)
Dakar,   Senegal 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Dar es Salam,   Tanzania 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Djibouti,   Ethiopia 15  (RORO) 15 (RORO)  (RORO)
Douala, Cameroon 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO) (RORO)
Lagos,   Nigeria 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Libreville,   Gabun 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO) (RORO)
Lobito,   Angola 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO) (RORO)
Luanda,   Angola 30 (RORO) 30(RORO)  (RORO)
Misruata,   Libya 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Mombasa,   Kenya 18 (RORO) 18 (RORO)  (RORO)
Monrovia,   Liberia 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Pointe Noire,   Congo 30 (RORO)  30(RORO)  (RORO)
Port Gentil,   Gabon 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Suez, Egypt 30 ( Land   Freight ) 30 ( Land   Freight )  ( Land   Freight )
Takoradi,   Ghana 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Tema, Ghana 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Tripoli,   Libya 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Tunis,   Tunisia  30 (20ft FCL) 30 (20ft FCL)


For more details and exact case to case discuss, kindly get from us a free quote

Our services of car shipping are as follows:- 

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