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RORO Car Shipping to Ghana from the UAE No ratings yet.

RORO Car Shipping to Ghana from the UAE

Aeon Shipping LLC ships various vehicle types like 4*4 car, Saloon Vehicle, vans, saloon cars, and many other types.  The RORO shipping method a cost-effective shipping method.
If you have your own vehicle to be shipped from the UAE or if you need to find a suitable vehicle to be ship to your destination in Ghana Aeon Shipping can help you through the process. They have well over a decade of experience and make sure to deliver within a month to your final destination.


RORO Car Shipping Services to Ghana_op2

RORO Car Shipping to Ghana

RORO shipping is secure, safe, dependable vehicle shipping method to Ghana. You should remember to remove any valuable or additional external items of the vehicle since the vehicle will be droved over and back at the final destination.

Car Shipping destinations in Ghana

Accra, Takoradi, Tamale, Tema, Cape Coast, Obuasi, Madina, and main in Ghana

Apply a free quote and you will be reached out within a day. Their team will help you with the paperwork and the whole process.

If you need the vehicle or vehicles to be shipped to your final destination, They can arrange this for you. Also, the car can be picked up from the UAE location as well. AEON SHIPPING wants to offer its customers a hassle-free experience.

They do their own inspection process before shipment to make sure that there will be no issues. Container shipments take place weekly and delivery can be completed within 28-30 working days.

There shouldn’t be anything at all inside the car before shipping other than a spare set of car keys, due to RORO shipping because the vehicle will be driven on and off the RORO ship by a worker. Hence you need to keep ¼ tank of fuel or less in the tank when shipping to Ghana from the UAE.

Call NOW and clarify any of your doubts and apply for a free quote.


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Car Shipping Internationally from Dubai in December 3/5 (2)

The Advantages of Car Shipping from Dubai during Christmas Vacations

It’s vacation time!
Christmas is just around the corner, and you are probably already planned for the Christmas vacation of your dreams. The spirit of Christmas is about showing and sharing love for those dear to one’s. To celebrate this spirit of Christmas with full zeal and enthusiasm Aeon Shipping LLC exclusive surprising rates on your shipping service.

Car shipping via a container from Dubai to Internationally

Finding the real joy of Christmas comes not in worrying about how to ship your vehicle after Christmas, it comes with spending quality time with family and friends. This Christmas, transport your vehicle with Aeon Shipping LLC internationally from Dubai and avail special rates.

How To Ship A Car Across The Country

If your planning to move overseas and it is already complicated enough with the paperwork and packing.. This is why most people moving across the country choose to ship their car using an auto transport service. While shipping a car might appear like a daunting task, the process can be simplified down to easy steps. Our experienced staff will help you with all the paperwork and procedure.

Service types Aeon Shipping provides:-

Attractive Rates and Discounts are available in this holiday season for car shipping

How Long it will Take to Ship your Car During Christmas


Everybody is anxious to find out how long the auto transport company is going to take to deliver their trusty car after booking their car for delivery. Typically, during Christmas shipping, the vehicle is high due to traffic and road blockage. However, vehicle transport companies always give you a range of possible delivery dates. Nevertheless, with research and planning, you can speed up the delivery when shipping to the final destination. Down below are the factors that affect could delay the car transport duration.

Delivery Locations

The type of location where the vehicle is being delivered is an important factor as compared to distance. Transporting your car from Dubai to a major city is going to cost less. Understanding the shipping process gives an idea of what to expect as well as helps you plan your car transport to match with the arrival time of your automobile.


Season plays a major role in deciding how fast your car is transported. Researching the weather can help you arrive at a date that is preferable to have your car moved. Summer seasons are more important for the car shipping industry as it brings more demands for shipping. The winter season, on the other hand, can affect your delivery time due to less consumer demand. Due to lack of demand during the winter season, car transport companies provide seasonal discounts.

Other Factors to consider

Even after a timely pick up of your vehicle, the auto transport company may encounter many obstacles along the roads. These roadblocks may cause officials to close some of the roads during winter and create detours. These situations could end up creating hurdles that keep truck drivers on the road for a long time, hence, affecting your shipping time.
Consolidation shipment also can delay the shipping process since you will be sharing a container with other customers.

Saves Money

You may think that it will cost a great deal of money to transport your vehicle during the Christmas season because it’s a busy season however Aeon Shipping LLC offers a competitive rate during this Christmas Holiday Season.

If you have any questions about preparing your vehicle or need more information about car shipping rates, contact Aeon Shippling LLC on (971) 4-297-3941


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Car Shipping From Dubai to Internationally No ratings yet.

Car Transport Information to Ship overseas

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Get Your Free Car Shipping Quote Today!
Are you looking for a quote to ship your car, but don’t know where to start?

At AEON SHIPPING LLC they will help you every step of the way from car pick to drop off and also on the paperwork.
They dedicated to giving you the best car shipping service they can possibly give you for your time and money. Their experienced staff members are highly trained in all things like auto transport and they know what it takes to move your vehicle in a safe and timely manner.
You can call them up and ask any questions that you need to clarify, and you can get a quote right over the phone as well.

You only have to present the final destination when you’re shipping your car, and they will calculate a free quote for you to ship your car internationally.
You can read more about how to get a hold of us on our Contact US page or also on the live chat option, and you can get a Free Quote 

Car shipping


Car Transport services Aeon Shipping Offers:-





Car Shipping from Dubai

When it comes to overseas car transport services, you could end up paying a lot more than you bargained for if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

Aeon Car shipping overseas relatively expensive and can take upwards of a month, but it’s definitely worth the price.

Aeon Shipping LLC can ship your vehicle overseas to International countries and provide excellent overseas car or motor vehicle shipping rates for your specific needs.

There is a wide variety of vehicles that we ship:-Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, Aston Martin, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks etc.

Car Transport Tips: Overseas Auto Shipping

We recommend you remove personal items from your vehicle. Your car transport quote is priced for the shipment of the vehicle only.  If there are any additional belongings if they can be accepted at all, there will be an accrue additional fees. It’s best to assume the transport is for your empty vehicle only.

Your car only needs a quarter tank as it will be driven on and off by the carrier. But if you have more than a quarter of a tank, Some of the extra gas may evaporate over the transport, but it won’t cause any damage.
Certain Documents Required to ship your car overseas:-

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residence visa on passport
  • Copy of diplomatic card (diplomats)
  • Residence permit
  • Original/express bill of lading
  • Authorization letter
  • Title / Copy of certificate of origin/registration card from the origin
  • country vehicle certificate must include a detailed description, including engine number, year of production, colour, etc.
  • Copy of  purchase invoice and commercial invoice
  • Proof of ownership

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Temporary Car Export Door to Door From Dubai UAE to Europe No ratings yet.

Temporary Export / Car shipping from Dubai UAE to Europe

Temporary Car Export from Dubai UAE to Europe (Door to DOor )

With UAE number Plate , Carnet De passage . Export and import back for Vacation , Repair , Service

Dedicated Container / RORO shipping / Air Freight .

From Dubai UAE  to All major destinations of the World.


For more call us on 04-3124854 /050-2647261 / 056-1284965 . Email :-

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aeon shipping contact usGet A Free Quote

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Shipping Cost for Car/vehicles from Dubai/UAE. No ratings yet.

Shipping Cost for Car/vehicles from Dubai/UAE.

Cost of shipping a car from Dubai

Price List for most common destination. Shipping mode will be RORO / CONTAINER or Land Freight we have included the most Economical mode only. Other than Land and Container mode exports, Especially for RORO Local charges may vary. Below mentioned prices are just to calculate/Plan your budget.

If your country or port is not listed or if you have dedicated request, please contact us by e-mail at or send us an enquiry from
or call +9713124854 or +971502647261



Destination   Port, Country

Transit  Time (In days)
Max 9 -13m3
1.65m Height
Standard Cars

Transit  Time (In days) 
Max 14-18m3
Max 2.10m Height
Vans & Off Road vehicles

Transit  Time (In days)
Min 25 m3
Max 4.8m Height

Vehicle Type

      -1        -2
Doha – Qatar  7-10( Land   Freight )  7-10( Land   Freight )  15-20
Jeddah – KSA 7-10 ( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Riyadh – KSA  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Dammam – KSA 7-10 ( Land   Freight ) 7-10( Land   Freight )
Bahrain  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Kuwait  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )
Aqaba, Jordan 7-10  ( Land   Freight )  7-10( Land   Freight )
Port Sudan –   Sudan  7-10( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )  ( RORO )
Beirut,   Lebanon 18- 40 (   Consolidated ) 18-40 ( Consolidated   )  30 (DEDICATED)
Muscat – Oman  5-7( Land   Freight ) 7-10 ( Land   Freight )  ( Land   Freight )
Boma, Congo   Dem. Republic 40 (RORO)  40  (RORO) 40 (RORO)
Casablanca   /Tangier, Morocco 30 (20ft FCL) 30 (20ft FCL)
Conakry,   Guinee 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Cotonou,   Benin 30 (RORO) 30(RORO)  (RORO)
Dakar,   Senegal 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Dar es Salam,   Tanzania 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Djibouti,   Ethiopia 15  (RORO) 15 (RORO)  (RORO)
Douala, Cameroon 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO) (RORO)
Lagos,   Nigeria 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Libreville,   Gabun 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO) (RORO)
Lobito,   Angola 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO) (RORO)
Luanda,   Angola 30 (RORO) 30(RORO)  (RORO)
Misruata,   Libya 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Mombasa,   Kenya 18 (RORO) 18 (RORO)  (RORO)
Monrovia,   Liberia 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Pointe Noire,   Congo 30 (RORO)  30(RORO)  (RORO)
Port Gentil,   Gabon 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Suez, Egypt 30 ( Land   Freight ) 30 ( Land   Freight )  ( Land   Freight )
Takoradi,   Ghana 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Tema, Ghana 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Tripoli,   Libya 30 (RORO) 30 (RORO)  (RORO)
Tunis,   Tunisia  30 (20ft FCL) 30 (20ft FCL)


For more details and exact case to case discuss, kindly get from us a free quote

Our services of car shipping are as follows:- 

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Car     Shipping to Libya Car     Shipping to Italy Car     Shipping to Oman
Car     Shipping to Netherland Car     Shipping to Qatar
Car     Shipping to Norway Car     Shipping to Saudi Arabia
Car     Shipping to Serbia
Car   Shipping   to Spain
Car     Shipping to Sweden
Car     Shipping to Switzerland
Car     Shipping to Turkey

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